Registered Manager £28,000 - £35,000 per annum
Job Ref: M028
Residential Care Home
UK – Surrey

A residential care home based in a quiet town providing a person-centred care service for adults who have experienced mental health problems and learning disabilities.  An ambitious and caring Organisation who are committed to developing and enhancing the services they provide.


As a Registered Manager you will provide leadership and be responsible for the operational day-to-day management of the service ensuring they have continued compliance with relevant legislation. Working in partnership with the company director, staff and management team you will ensure the provision of a high-quality service enabling individual needs and organisational priorities to be met in accordance with available resources.

You would be required to efficiently manage the day to day running of the establishment. Allocate support worker and care worker resources based on the needs of the residents. Monitor and Audit performance of the staff to deliver high quality care to residents, carry out regular checks on staff and residents, audits and analysis to ensure safe, responsive and effective care delivery within budgets allocated by the Board. Manage all aspects of the staff team and provide sound leadership to ensure staff are clear about their respective duties and responsibilities and have the support they need to carry out their roles safely.


To maintain a high-quality service working in partnership with staff, Director and other stakeholder to manage services.

To ensure the service meets, and indeed exceeds, the requirements of the Health & Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2010 and the Care Quality Commission guidance ‘Essential Standards of Quality & Safety’.

To ensure the delivery of safe, personalised services to each individual service user through assessment, person centred planning and regular outcome focussed reviews of services.

To ensure compliance with all their Policies and Procedures

Service Delivery

  • To ensure the delivery of person-centred care/support services that promote independence, choice and dignity to empower people to live as independently as possible.
  • To ensure care/support services are structured in a way that provides flexibility, reliability and continuity.
  • To ensure services are accessible, responsive and effective.
  • To ensure the development of robust systems and procedures.
  • To ensure the service is appropriately resourced with the right number of suitably qualified, skilled and experienced staff.
  • To ensure that all new referrals are responded to in a timely manner in line with contractual and organisational timescales.
  • To Manage care workers in an effective manner
  • To deliver services that ensure the Organisation’s duty of care to the service user and staff providing the service.
  • To ensure good communication and links with all stakeholders with regard to the provision of services including commissioners, service users, relatives, social work teams etc.
  • To ensure the office is resourced during office hours and ensure the provision of an effective out of hours on-call service.

Service Development

  • In partnership with the director and the management team participate in the strategic development of the organisation and assist with the identification and development of strategies for the planning and delivery of quality, innovative Care and support residential care home.
  • To grow and develop services through increasing delivered hours and maximising referral opportunities.
  • To identify marketing opportunities and develop a marketing plan.
  • To manage projects that will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service.
  • To produce monthly management reports and attend Management Team

Team Management and Leadership

  • To manage a large staff team both involved in the management and direct provision of the service.
  • To ensure that there is a co-ordinated and consistent approach to service provision that is cost effective and efficient making the best use of allocated resources.
  • To identify recruitment needs and develop plans to ensure the service is appropriately resourced with capacity for growth

To be routinely involved in a range of human resources/staff management duties including:

  • Workforce Planning to agreed KPIs
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Training
  • Supervision, Appraisal
  • Disciplinary/Capability procedures
  • Absence Management
  • To ensure that policies and procedures are in place to meet the various organisational and staff requirements with regard to human resources issues.
  • To ensure that staff are trained for their roles and responsibilities and that all groups of staff within the team have access to appropriate training and learning opportunities.
  • Identify ongoing training needs for support workers and other members of staff to ensure staff are up to date with current best practice.
  • Ensure there are sufficient numbers of suitably qualified staff allocated appropriately to meet service needs at all times. Escalate any concerns to the Board.
  • Establish a ‘safe to challenge’ culture within the business where all staff feel like they can report concerns to senior management and beyond.
  • Work alongside HR to ensure company policy and procedures in relation to managing absence, disciplinary, capability and grievance matters are adhered to.
  • Work alongside HR to ensure that company policy and procedures are kept up to date with regards to the residents needs and current legislation.
  • Provide information, guidance and ongoing supervision to enable staff to effectively and safely carry out their roles. Carry out appraisals and monitoring of staff performance where applicable.
  • Lead team monthly team meetings to report on the performance of the establishment and also to maintain a friendly and inviting team culture to develop.
  • Encourage innovation within the team for the benefit of the establishment.
  • Provide support to ensure all emergency on-call issues are dealt with effectively, such as covering calls either directly or indirectly when support workers are sick or absent
  • Communicate professionally with all staff at all times.
  • To establish and maintain effective two-way communication to ensure that all staff are aware of and can contribute to operational and strategic developments e.g. staff forums, staff newsletter.
  • To arrange and attend regular service planning meetings with service appropriate stakeholder
  • To put in place systems to ensure healthy working practices and that staff receive relevant information to fulfil their health and safety responsibilities.
  • To ensure that all staff are familiar with and work in line with policies and procedures.
  • To offer advice, support and guidance to staff at all levels.

Quality Assurance

  • To implement and maintain an effective quality assurance programme to promote high quality, best practice and continuous improvement of services in line with their Quality Assurance Policies.
  • To deliver services effectively, efficiently and have clear monitoring procedures and processes in place to ensure standards are continually met.
  • To ensure good and safe practice in all activities relating to service user care by putting systems in place to guide, monitor and evaluate care and services provided. To resolve all complaints in accordance with the establishments Complaints & Compliments Policy.
  • Maintain full and accurate records and reporting systems in accordance with legal requirements and to ensure the effective running of the care home.
  • To evaluate services through regular review, annual service user questionnaires, analysis of complaints & compliments etc.
  • To implement the establishments Care Governance Framework to continuously improve services, care and support.
  • Provide a good service to residents, and their family and friends:
  • Promote the rights of each resident and keep their wishes at the centre of their care and support.
  • Make sure that prior to each service commencing, a resident assessment and risk assessment with the resident, and/or their chosen representatives, has been completed including what the resident needs and would like to achieve from their care and support.
  • Make sure a written individually tailored care and support plan has been created and agreed, that respects the residents wishes and promotes their dignity and privacy.
  • Agree appropriate risk control measures to reduce identified risks.
  • Provide the resident, and where appropriate their family and friends, with information about the service so that they are clear about what to expect and how they can raise any concerns.
  • Apply excellent communication skills with residents, their families and representatives, staff and other health and social care professionals to deliver high quality homecare services.
  • Keep all information about residents and their families secure and confidential. Respect the data protection act.
  • Support residents to ensure their personal preferences, likes and dislikes are respected. Support our residents in living the life that they want to live.
  • Enables all residents and their friends to provide feedback and voice their opinions on the service they receive to the establishments Management team. Be responsive to all feedback.
  • Escalate any concerns about the overall service provided by the establishment to the company’s director.

Promoting and growing the business

  • Shows the warmth and caring side of the business to all residents, staff and external organisations. Everyone should be treated with the respect and dignity which is part of our company spirit. Be personable at all times.
  • Participate in the growth and development of the business. Work with the Board of Directors and wider company to achieve sales targets and deliver this within budgets allocated.
  • Challenge yourself to evolve and improve the quality of your performance and that of the business.
  • As the senior member of staff and the key connection between the employees and the Board of Directors, you should be capable of maintain your own learning and development and work with the Board to ensure that this happens
  • Demonstrates exemplary standards of professional and personal behaviour and maintain the professional and personal boundaries.
  • Promotes equality and diversity within the establishment, making it an attractive place for residents to live and for staff to work.
  • Be able to engage with other organisations, community groups and networks for the benefit of the establishment, its residents and the staff. Use this networking as an opportunity to share expertise and develop the profitability of the establishment.

Resource Management

  • To proactively manage delegated budgets ensuring efficient use of resources.
  • To develop operational controls in partnership with the director and management team to ensure a commitment to cost effectiveness and value for money.
  • This list is not exhaustive and from time to time you may be required to undertake additional duties. We will provide full training in line with regulatory requirements.

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